SPECTRE (speculative tokenized trading exchange) is a website that allows you to trade on the direction of currencies, commodities, stocks and other assets, for financial gain. Uniquely, it offers the ability for traders to earn 75-93% ROI on just 1 trade within minutes. Unlike traditional brokerages, it sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain meaning that it is truly broker-less and decentralised. Traders never deposit at SPECTRE to trade and it's liquidity pool (i.e balance sheet) is owned by token holders who receive dividends on SPECTRE's gains, not by a centralised management.

SPECTRE's digital option contracts and spot FX/equities trades are settled on the Ethereum blockchain. Trader's fund their Ethereum accounts (the crypto-currency in which trades are taken) which are private escrows that only they have access to. If a trader wins, SPECTRE's liquidity pool is instructed by a blockchain governed smart contract to pay the trader instantly. If the trader loses the trade, their allocated funds for that trade are removed from their private escrow and sent to the SPECTRE liquidity pool. This action triggers a monthly dividend payment to token holders who own the SPECTRE liquidity pool.

Yes, however you can convert your Ether back to fiat currencies such as GBP, USD, EUR, JPY, CHF using our onsite currency exchange, immediately. Ethereum has close to a $1bn daily traded volume and therefore offers ample liquidity, globally.

SPECTRE is governed by smart contracts and all transactions including payments in and withdrawals out by traders are governed by the Ethereum blockchain. They happen instantly and SPECTRE management has no say or hold over this process.

SPECTRE will apply for a regulatory license in 2018 with the FCA or another EU MIFID offering jurisdiction.

SPECTRE offers educational trade indicators that find potentially profitable chart setups. However these are not considered investment advice, they merely locate possible opportunities.

Yes, SPECTRE initially will offer trading on currencies and eventually will expand to the entire gamut of asset classes.

The financial engineering team of Neuchatel Ltd. You can find out more on www.spectre.ai/team

Yes. You can enter SPECTRE Chat and leave a request in the Technical Support room or contact [email protected]


SPECTRE will offer this capability in 2019

Yes, SPECTRE pays affiliates half of all fees collected per trade for clients they have referred. For more information, contact [email protected]

You can use the 'Forgot Password' function on the SPECTRE platform sign-in page.


$200.00 in Year 1. $1000 in Year 2 and $5,000 in Year 3. Thereafter limits will be lifted entirely.

Yes and the best browsers to use SPECTRE with are Firefox and Chrome. A mobile App will be available in 2018.

All major currencies, certain crypto currencies, stocks and commodities.

There is no minimum and we strongly advise starting off with small amounts as financial trading is risky, despite being rewarding.

Funds that are allocated for trading by you, the trader, are placed in your own private escrow, which is created when you initially sign up. This cryptographically protected Ethereum wallet can only be access by you and all transactions into and from it are processed/governed by the Ethereum blockchain. SPECTRE's management team/employees have no access or control over your account.

SPECTRE's liquidity pool is in ETH as is your private escrow wallet. Therefore there is no currency volatility risk on that front. However, if you convert your ETH back to fiat currencies like USD, you will be subject to ETH/USD movements.

A modern computer and internet browser with a high speed internet connection.

SPECTRE's API will be open to the public in 2018.

Yes, simply go to Settings and you can select the language of your choice.

You can consider purchasing Spectre dividend-tokens (SXDT) which are listed on all major crypto-currency exchanges. These tokens provide you the right to 2% dividends each time a trader takes a trade plus a special div at the end of the year if certain liquidity pool growth targets are met. If you are a U.S citizen investing in SPECTRE is strictly forbidden.


SPECTRE is unique in that its liquidity pool is decentralised so the house itself is decentralised and owned by token investors.

You can enter SPECTRE Chat and leave a request in the Technical Support room or contact [email protected]

You can enter SPECTRE Chat and leave a request in the Technical Support room or contact [email protected]


You must convert any fiat currency to Ether first. This can be done seamlessly on our website or at any off-site crypto-currency exchange.

The ICO will commence on 17-Nov-2017. The ICO will run for 24 days or when the max cap in ETH is reached.

Yes we will be doing a pre-sale from 27-Oct-2017 to 05-Nov-2017.

Max cap is put in place as a security measure. It is just a hard cap and not a goal.

Ether ("ETH") will be the only method of payment accepted in the ICO. If you have any other cryptocurrencies you can use ShapeShift to convert them into ETH.

240 million tokens.

After the end of token sale the remaining unsold tokens will be burned and the share of all token holders will be proportionally increased, on a pari-passu basis.

Yes both SPECTRE tokens are ERC20 compliant and as such can be stored on any Ethereum wallet which supports this protocol.

SPECTRE tokens (SXDT and SXUT) will be available on exchanges after the ICO campaign ends. These will be disclosed after the token sale.

SPECTRE tokens are ERC20 tokens, and can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallets. It is highly recommended that you store your SPECTRE tokens in an offline, cold storage solution. Please do not leave large crypto holdings on centralized exchanges. Nor should you have a backup of your private key in your email, on your desktop, in your Google Drive, etc. The "Ledger Nano S" is a great hardware wallet solution, supporting all ERC-20 Ethereum token types. Your SPECTRE tokens shall remain safe on this, in our view.

The cap is 240 million SPECTRE tokens.

Use any of the following wallets to send ether to our ICO contract,

  • MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
  • MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
  • Mist (Desktop)
  • Parity (Desktop)
  • imToken (iPhone)
  • imToken (Android)

Please do not send Ether from cryptocurrency exchanges.

The address will be published on our website when the ICO starts.

SPECTRE website and Dapp (beta) are load balanced at DNS as well as at hardware and placed behind a three-tier firewall architecture, however, in the event of a denial of service attack the address will be published on our official Medium channel. Our team will never share the ICO contract address directly and do not trust any other addresses you might see on Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or any other channels.

Yes, SXDT is the name of the dividend-token and SXUT is the name of the utility-token. For more information please go over the "Token & Proceeds Allocation" document here.

Click here to view the smart contracts on GitHub.

The sale is not open to US citizens and residents. Token sale participants must digitally sign a statement that they are not a US citizen/resident.

After the ICO, both SPECTRE tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides potential capital gain on the token, the dividend-token also earns ongoing dividends as part of a hard-wired, profit share model, while the utility-token offers in-platform benefits to its holders. For more information please go over the "Token & Proceeds Allocation" document here.

Tokens are delivered to users instantly when purchased, however become transferable after the token sale has ended, which is either 24 days after the start or when the max cap is reached.

All funds contributed during the ICO will be held in a multi-signature Ethereum wallet contract. To ensure solid financial security for our investors and their funds, SPECTRE will also have an escrow arrangement.

Our team is in London, UK and the registered office address is at 19 Waterfront Drive, Road Town VG1110, Tortolla, BVI.

Send a request to [email protected] and we will address your question.